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Alaska white Granite

Alaska white Granite light white granite with a bright texture interspersed with brown and black. Alaska White is a stunning stone that is mined in the northwestern part of Brazil. The Alaska White commercial granite quarry is located on the northwest side of Fazenda Memoria (hill), in the northeastern part of Santa Quiteria, (northeastern Brazil).

Characteristics of Alaska White granite

Alaska White granite is resistant to large temperature extremes, is not afraid of moisture and dirt, withstands mechanical stress, is resistant to damage, can be easily polished and restored, is environmentally friendly and anti-allergenic.

The performance characteristics of Alaska White allow full use of Alaska White granite as countertops, mosaics, exterior - interior walls and flooring, fountains, pools and wall roofs, and other design projects. In addition to the gray minerals, most Alaska White slabs will have large patches of very light brown minerals. The minerals in Alaska White can range in color from slightly darker than white to mocha. They can be dense and completely cover an area of ​​Alaska White granite, or they can be found in small dots and patches.

Features of Alaska White

Alaska White granite color falls into the exotic granite category. In Alaska White granite you will see patches of beige to pure white feldspar and streaks of translucent gray quartz. Alaska White does not vary as much in rooms with different lighting conditions and will have a similar effect in rooms with or without plenty of natural light.

Advantages of Alaska White granite

The creamy texture of Alaska White works well with most other natural stones, making Alaska White granite highly desirable throughout the home and adaptable to most design styles. Alaska White is without doubt one of the most popular white granites on the market. Alaska White looks great when used for kitchen countertops and has a unique custom pattern. Alaska White Granite is one of the most affordable stones that the natural stone industry has to offer.

The stunning colors of Alaska White will never go out of style and you can be sure it will stand the test of time, even with the most intense use. Alaska White is one of the best granites on the market at a low price point.

Application of Alaska White Granite

If you are looking for a great design concept to enhance the aesthetic charm of your home kitchen, then Alaska White is the place to go. Imagine how the coolness of an ice-cold Alaska White granite countertop would look in your modern kitchen design. Alaska White Granite also blends beautifully with wood furnishings for a stunning contemporary look. The warm, inviting dark brown wood cabinetry concept is one of the most classic concepts when placing Alaska White granite.

With this combination, you can achieve the level of comfort your kitchen deserves. The options are just endless when it comes to Alaska White! Alaska White granite also works well in a bathroom concept. The cooling shades and dark speckled patterns of Alaska White Granite will make your space more cultural and urban, especially when mixed with a white marble backsplash. The frosty shades of the stunning Alaska White blend beautifully with most other stone colors throughout the bathroom, giving you the flexibility to use Alaska White tile floors and walls.

Alaska White Granite is a stunning stone to consider for any home renovation project. Whether it's a stunning kitchen renovation or a luxurious bathroom design, you will never regret investing in Alaska White.

Alaska white Granite Specifications

Coutry: India
Color: White
Category: Granite

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