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Branco white persa Granite

Branco white persa is a fine granite from Brazil. It has a pattern formed by light strokes of smoky brown inclusions on a creamy stone base. This Brazilian granite, with the seeming simplicity of the pattern and the classic palette of colors, transforms the space and decor elements.

Due to the high quality, there are no restrictions on the areas of use. However, this granite is especially good for interior cladding and for creating stylish interior solutions.

Slabs with a thickness of 20 mm and 30 mm make it possible to use White Persa granite in worktops, aprons and kitchen islands, fireplace portals and window sills, wall and floor coverings.

Brazilian granite is an endless source of inspiration for home comfort. And it's hard to argue with this statement. Thanks to its bright shades and picturesque patterns, this stone immediately reveals its deposit. Many people know that the mineral composition of granite directly depends on where in the world it was mined. The main constituents of granite are feldspar, quartz and mica. The size and color of these base components determine the base color, texture and even hardness of each particular type of granite. To a greater extent, it is feldspar that affects the color and pattern of the slab. It is the unusual combination of shades and patterns that emphasize the peculiarity of Brazilian granite, making it so popular all over the world. See for yourself.


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