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Himalaya Granite

Himalaya Granite in the galaxy of Indian granites confidently holds the palm in terms of practicality. This is facilitated by both texture and physical qualities. The color of the stone is muted brown with cherry veins. The structure is fine-grained, the amount of quartz inclusions is insignificant, pointwise. Largely due to the dense fine-grained structure, the material effectively resists abrasion, is not afraid of moisture, mechanical and chemical influences.

The practicality of the material is successfully combined with a democratic cost. Buy brown Himalay Blue granite in slabs is beneficial for global facing works: finishing facades, basements, paving sidewalks, paths, embankments. The material is in demand in the ritual industry and the production of paving stones, borders. It is a friendly, easy-to-work granite. After polishing, which goes through each slab of the Himalayan Blue variety, not only the appearance of the stone improves, but also its quality characteristics.

Himalaya Granite Specifications

Coutry: Brazil
Color: White

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