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Ice blue leather Granite

Ice blue leather - granite, about which its name speaks so much. Crystals of graphite and bluish color appear in bulk in Ice blue leather granite on a cold light gray background. The stone is cold, dignified, calm.

Ice blue leather granite can be a dominant feature in Hi-Tec, neo-classic, modern, minimalist interiors, or it will look great as a background stone.

This natural granite from Brazil is striking in its understatement, although it is mainly the country that produces bright, flashy granites filled with sun and color.

The main properties of Ice Blue granite include: durability, strength, resistance to acids and atmospheric agents, water resistance, environmental friendliness, easy compatibility with other natural stones and materials, ergonomics.

Brazilian granite Ice blue leather is used so widely in construction that it is rightfully called a versatile material. With the help of Ice Blue granite, an experienced designer will completely transform your home, making it more respectable and more elegant.

Ice blue leather granite can be used for flooring, walls and stairs, as well as for the manufacture of various products. Bar counters, countertops and window sills made of Ice blue leather granite will add a special chic to the design. The strength of the stone will not allow them to crack or get scratched.

Ice blue leather Granite Specifications

Coutry: Brazil
Color: White

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