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Peacock green Granite

The purebred green Peacock Gren granite is easily recognizable as a Brazilian stone. Here and a rich pattern, and noble color, and naturalness. The natural texture of the stone is formed by emerald color and spotted pattern. Peacock Green resembles a winter sea with small whitish icebergs. The structure of the stone is dense, fine-grained. This is the reason for the density, strength of the stone and its resistance to temperature extremes. It is natural that granite, which contains a particle of the sea, is not afraid of water and bad weather.

It is given to a person with a good sense of taste to evaluate and buy green Peacock Green granite in slabs and slabs. No wonder this original stone is chosen by modern designers. Where can they apply it? There are a lot of such opportunities! Peacock Green is good as a material for the production of individual interior elements. For example, for mantels, portals, panels and mosaics, side tables, dressing tables. Don't be afraid to play with Peacock Green Granite. It introduces intrigue into the interior, becomes the guarantee of the originality of any design solution.

Peacock green Granite Specifications

Coutry: Brazil
Color: Green

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