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Splendor white Granite / delicatus supreme Granite

Splendor White granite is a beautiful material that imitates a luxurious frosty pattern. The crystalline character of the pattern is effectively distinguished by the contrast of black and white. Such slabs have a pronounced decorative effect and become an exquisite interior decoration. The dense structure of granite is resistant to adverse environmental influences. It does not change its characteristics from moisture, does not react to acids and alkalis, does not fade from ultraviolet radiation. Such material is distinguished by its reliability and long service life.

Splendor Gold is used to make amazing tabletops and window sills, organically continuing the winter theme outside the window; chimney portals framing the flames with hoarfrost, and cladding worthy of the Palace of the Snow Queen. This variety is used to create unusual effects in classic and modern interiors. The irony of fate is that such material is being mined in Brazil, where they are familiar with snow only by hearsay. To buy Splendor White granite means to add invigorating coolness, light and winter mood to the atmosphere.

Splendor white Granite / delicatus supreme Granite Specifications

Coutry: Brazil
Color: White

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