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Via lactea Granite

Brazilian black Via lactea Granite. It is a very cold stone with white veins. Granite from Brazil is known for its vibrant colors and quality. This stone does not rust and is not afraid of the sun, which allows it to be used for external cladding.

Via lactea Granite is ideal for the manufacture of architectural elements. Products made from this stone look very aristocratic, but at the same time conservative.

Black granite is a durable natural stone that is in great demand due to its high strength characteristics and unique decorative properties. Various inclusions of minerals in the texture of granite create a unique pattern, and the polished surface has a mirror-like characteristics, giving everything, wherever black granite is used, majesty and noble elegance.

Black granite is used as a facing material outside and inside premises, for interior zoning, for creating decorative items, window sills, facing fireplaces, making monuments.

Via lactea Granite Specifications

Coutry: Brazil
Color: Black

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