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Calacatta Vagli Marble

Carrara's most famous careers are constantly giving people something new and original. And the Calacatta Wagli marble is a vivid proof of the generosity of the quarries of the Alps. Marble is very durable, withstands the influence of unpleasant external factors, and at the same time you will surely be amazed by its amazing appearance. You look at this miracle and clearly understand that nature is the most skilled designer!

The stone evokes pleasant associations thanks to the snow-white background with blue and grayish wavy lines. It's like looking at the serene summer sky, on which proud clouds float calmly. The soft colors are the perfect complement to the attractive pattern of the material, which nature itself has given. We sell products in slabs, the thickness of which does not exceed 20 millimeters.

Calacatta Vagli marble is good for implementing a variety of solutions in the interior. With the help of alpine minerals, they create majestic columns, decorate solid staircases, and produce high-quality countertops. But remember that the model does not apply to the exterior. Therefore, you should not try to decorate the outer part of the object with it.

Calacatta Vagli Marble Specifications

Coutry: Italy
Color: White

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