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Alexandrita Quartzite

Alexandrita Quartzite - Yellow-green quartzite from Brazil is an amazing material for creating really interesting interior solutions.

Ideal material for highly used surfaces such as kitchen countertops. A beautiful, bright natural stone - quartzite, with an active pattern.

Alexandrita is an unusual light green stone with a slight shimmer on chipped and veined areas. This stone possesses unusual structural and textural features characteristic of a "soapstone": oily sheen, translucency, and internal glow. And the stone is quite remarkable to the touch - very soft, slightly slippery, reminiscent of solid soap - hence its popular name.

Alternative mineralogical names: soapstone, talcochlorite, steatite, fatty acids, talcum stone, talcomagnesite.

Talcochlorite has been widely used since the Paleolithic - ancient people appreciated its hardness and pliability in cutting. It is possible to carve arbitrarily complex figures from this stone, and, of course, architectural forms.

In the interior, Alexandrita is used for wall cladding, countertops and bar counters. This stone is perfect for shaping fashionable butterfly finishes as well as illuminated structures. Alexandrita talcochlorite transmits light as well as the popular varieties of marble onyx.

Alexandrita Quartzite Specifications

Coutry: Brazil
Color: White

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