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Calacatta Super White Quartzite

Calacatta Super White Quartzite is a natural stone of incredibly beautiful ivory color. The light surface with gray streaks of different shades and intensities is mesmerizing at first glance. Many people, when they first see Calacatta Super White, think that it is marble, but in fact it is not. The indisputable advantage of quartzite is the highest strength and resistance to any impact.

Calacatta Super White Quartzite is mined in northern Brazil. Each slab has a unique, inimitable pattern that nature has formed for millennia.

Super White is one of the hardest rocks on the planet. It consists of 98% pure quartz with small inclusions of mica. Given these characteristics, the stone is difficult to process. It is only given the desired shape, size and polished. But, thanks to its impeccable beauty and soft noble sparkle, other types of processing are not needed at all - quartzite looks perfect.

Calacatta Super White Quartzite is not only an incredibly strong stone. Other pluses include:

  • Minimal water absorption and high scratch resistance make Quartzite Superwhite an almost timeless material;
  • the unique ability to transmit light makes the interior truly exquisite. That is why this breed is often chosen by designers to create design projects. The stone sparkles slightly with amazing overflows, filling the room with light and giving a special energy;
  • an even surface with minimal graininess does not stain or deteriorate from cleaning agents.

Calacatta Super White Quartzite looks flawless in classic interiors. It can be used to make worktops and aprons for the kitchen, impressive in their beauty, bar counters, panels, fireplaces, steps. The stone is suitable for wall and floor cladding.

Calacatta Super White Quartzite Specifications

Coutry: Brazil
Color: Gray
Category: Quartzite

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