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Latte Quartzite

Latte Quartzite - natural stone that is mined in Brazil and then processed in Italian factories. Despite the softness and fluidity of the pattern, Quartzite Latte is a solid material. On the Mohs scale, its hardness is 7 points out of 10 possible. This means that a piece of stone is quite capable of scratching glass, although it can be processed with a diamond tool.

Latte Quartzite is resistant to negative temperatures, not afraid of high humidity and ultraviolet radiation. It is an environmentally friendly material that can be used in home furnishings and public spaces.

Latte Quartzite is resistant to mechanical damage. Products made from it will be durable and durable with minimal maintenance requirements. The most popular uses for the stone:

  • kitchen aprons;
  • countertops for home and cafes;
  • wall or floor cladding;
  • decorative panels;
  • steps.

Natural stone will be appropriate in the style of solemn classicism and romantic Provence. It blends harmoniously with natural wood furniture, bronze and brass finishes. As for the general color scheme, it is better to give preference to pastel and light shades.

Latte Quartzite Specifications

Coutry: Brazil
Color: White

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