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Ocean blue Quartzite

Ocean blue Quartzite is a homogeneous stone that can be used without restrictions both indoors and outdoors. Does not absorb moisture, does not react with chemical compounds, does not lose color, does not wear out, you can continue indefinitely ... You just have to call or come to our warehouse to see the beauty of the stone created by nature itself.

Place of extraction: BRAZIL - high strength natural stone.

Due to the presence of a large amount of quartz in the stone, Ocean blue Quartzite has the unique ability to reflect light, creating a sparkling effect in the finished product. When illuminated internally, Ocean blue Quartzite transmits light, playing with multi-colored undertones.

Ocean blue Quartzite is the perfect material for sophisticated interiors.

The gray color of the stone has a very interesting pattern structure - nature has created it so unique that any product in your interior will be luxurious and unique.

Ocean blue Quartzite Specifications

Coutry: Brazil
Color: Blue

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