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Black absolute Granite

Black Indian granite Absolute Black is one of the most popular types of black granite. It is mined in the Hammam and Warangal districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh, as well as in the area of ​​the city of Chamrajnagar in the state of Karnataka.

A feature of granite is its fine-grained structure with a complete absence of foreign inclusions. The color is saturated, coal-black. It is ideal for countertops, window sills, steps. Looks great both on its own and in combination with other granites.

The structure of Absolute Black is fine-grained. Uniform texture. It is interesting both in polished form and in various types of processing (sandblasting, heat-treated, polished). It is used for external and internal cladding: walls, portals, basement, porch, steps, landscape architecture, monumental art, window sills, countertops, floors.


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