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Countertop Visualizer by Venezia Stone. Veneziastoneusa presents a new kitchen countertop visualizer with which you can quickly and easily select the color of stone for your kitchen, clearly demonstrating how this or that type of stone looks in the interior of the kitchen.

Online kitchen countertop visualizer is a great way to find the necessary material safely, quickly and easily, without leaving your home and without putting yourself at risk of CIVID-19 contamination.
Countertop visualizer

Benefits of our countertop visualizer

Large selection of stones

Large selection of stones

Our company supplies a wide range of stones throughout the East Coast of the United States. In our assortment there are stones from all over the world: quartz, granite, marble, quartzite, labradorite, in total there are about 200 commodity items.
Works fast, on any device

Works fast, on any device

Our visualizer works on any device and does not require any special programs or high performance from your computer or smartphone.
Clearly and naturally

Clearly and naturally

We try to make the stone in our visualizer look as natural as possible, for this we use real photographs of stone slabs from our warehouse as textures.

Choose kitchen type:

The kitchen today is not just a functional place for cooking, but a comfortable relaxation area, family meetings and friendly parties. Therefore, the appearance of the kitchen is no less important for a modern hostess than the technical equipment.

Tips for choosing stone countertops

  • A marble countertop is much more vulnerable than a granite or quartz countertop. Being one of the most environmentally friendly natural materials, marble requires regular special care. The high capacity for water absorption and absorption of coloring pigments, due to the porous structure, is the weak point of this mineral. Stains formed during operation must be removed immediately. It is practically impossible to remove dyes penetrating into the thickness of the material. Marble is not resistant to alkalis and acids. Cleaners with whitening effect or ammonia, acetic acid, citrus juice can damage the surface without the possibility of restoration.

  • Granite is heavy. This entails the complexity of transportation and the creation of a more solid base on which the stone will rest.

  • Impossibility of creating invisible seams. There is no such thing as a seamless natural countertop. The seam visibility depends on the type of stone pattern. On a plain material, the joints are much less noticeable than on a texture with large and bright streaks or blotches. Installation of natural stone products requires professionalism and accuracy.

  • Natural material requires more careful maintenance. Natural stone, like most natural materials, is subject to wear and tear during use. The working surface must be treated with a special protective compound at regular intervals. This procedure will not provide the stone with 100% protection, but will significantly extend its life. Due to the high porosity of marble, the coloring matter is absorbed deep into the thickness of the material and cannot be removed.

  • Rich natural stone worktops look good in larger rooms.

  • Matte surfaces are easier to clean than glossy ones, and light ones are easier than dark ones.

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