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White Carrara Jumbo Quartz

White Carrara Jumbo Quartz - white quartz stone on the entire surface, decorated with splashes of light gray. Due to its uniform texture, it is excellent for stone finishing of floors, walls, steps, and for making countertops from quartz. Surfaces made of quartz stone are immune to water, dirt, grease and stains as the material has a non-porous surface


What products are used for the manufacture of White Carrara Jumbo Quartz


Quartz stone is actively used in decoration and renovation of premises, namely:

  • kitchen countertops
  • bathroom countertops
  • cladding of walls and columns
  • facing of fireplaces, pools
  • making steps
  • making sinks
  • writing tables, coffee tables and other furniture elements

White Carrara Jumbo Quartz stone is also used in public spaces such as cafes, restaurants, swimming pools and saunas. Durability, strength, resistance to various damage, ease of maintenance help quartz stone to gain popularity in the household segment. The design properties of quartz stone also attract attention - on the modern market this material is presented in a wide range of colors, differing also in the surface texture and the shape of the products.


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White Carrara Jumbo Quartz Specifications

Color: White
Category: Quartz

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